Waterfall Hills Mature Lifestyle Estate and Frail Care Center
Waterfall Hills Mature Lifestyle Estate offers a nice balance between independent living and the assurance of total care if and when needed. Our Frail Care operator is the TotalCare team has worked towards a business model on becoming a leading authority of gerontology and geriatric care, encapsulating a continuous care plan towards preventative care and early detection of ill health and deterioration.
Resident Benefits:

  • All residents undergo a one-on-one care assessment with a family member in attendance before admission.
  • The process considers how the resident’s care needs will be met and a comprehensive care plan is tailor-made and can include referrals to other gerontology professionals.
  • The Care Management of frail care residents and home based care follow the same approach and methodology.
  • Home based care is unique in that it allows residents to live independently and it is tailored to accommodate the special needs of the residents in the comfort of their homes.
  • If the resident can no longer remain in their house, the care center becomes the alternative for frail care residents.
  • Caregivers work in 4 shifts to offer continuous round the clock home care.
Quick Facts:

  • Waterfall Hills Mature Lifestyle Village is equipped with a 33 bed luxury Frail Care Centre
  • Assisted Living Care facility.
  • Beds for 32 residents.
  • 60 staff members.
  • Most bedrooms are shared and residents are usually happy to have companionship.
  • Private rooms are also available.
  • The care facility also caters for Dementia and other ailments related to Dementia.
Nursing Standards
TotalCare has introduced a well-designed program to conform, inform, teach and guide staff to understand the 5 quality indicators for successful preventative care. The quality assessors ensure the care services in the facilities are evaluated, and standards of care are continuously improved. Feedback from residents and families form part of the assessment report.

Senior Nutrition
Residents receive three balanced meals a day as well as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. A clinical dietetic service is offered for a complete tailor-made dietary plan and healthy balanced cycled meals, ensuring that improved diseases and health management outcomes are achieved.

Costs: R27 750
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